Cuppa Joe Coffee Cafe

Since 1999 Cuppa Joe has been committed to providing the best quality and most unique coffee experience in Traverse City Michigan. We have an unwavering attention to handcrafting quality products which we create with ingredients sourced from local producers whenever possible. We are proud to feature locally roasted coffee from Roaster Jack Coffee Company and organic and fair trade tea by Light of Day Organics Tea. We have a continued commitment to being earth friendly. We love our Northern Michigan community and support it in every way we can. Visit our cafe in Traverse City for coffee, breakfast and lunch or our fast drive through in Traverse City for coffee and scones today!

Cuppa Joe Cafe: Located near downtown Traverse City within historic Building 50

Features: Full coffee bar, breakfast, lunch, tea and scones,

Address: 1200 W 11th St #101, Traverse City, MI 49684

Phone: (231) 947-7730

Hours: Mon-Sat 7-5, Sun 8-3

Cuppa Joe Drive Thru: Located at the corner of Front St and Garfield in Traverse City, MI

Features: Full coffee bar, tea, scones and more.

Address: 1060 E Front St Traverse City, MI 49686

Phone: (231) 947-4590

Hours: Mon-Sat 6-5 Sun 7-3

Cuppa Joe Cafe Menu

Cafe Breakfast

Breakfast is served every day until 3 pm
Our eggs are local and ethically sourced!

Breakfast Sandwich – A locally made bagel topped with scrambled egg and your choice of cheese – $4
With ham, bacon, or sausage – $5

Veggie Bagel – Hummus, cream cheese, cucumber, red pepper, carrots, onion, mixed greens, and sunflower seeds – $5

Biscuits & Gravy – Made from scratch! We make our own sausage from locally raised pork and hand cut the homemade biscuits. Soooo good! – $6

Bagel, Biscuits or Toast – Plain or with butter – $2
With cream cheese, peanut butter, local honey or jam – $2.5

Joe’s TC Burrito or Bowl – Two eggs, roasted potatoes, sausage, and cheddar cheese  – $7

San Luis Burrito or Bowl– Two eggs, smoked andouille sausage, roasted poblano pepper, potatoes, and cheddar cheese – $7

Vegarito Burrito or Bowl – Two eggs, roasted poblano pepper, potatoes, black beans, and cheddar cheese – $7

Havana Burrito or Bowl – Two eggs, ham, black beans, and cheddar cheese – $7

Inna Gadda Burrito or Bowl  Two eggs, tomato, red onion, fresh spinach, provolone and pesto – $7

Oatmeal – Brown sugar and milk – $3.75
With mixed berries and sliced almonds – $5
With organic chia for a super healthy and delicious boost of protein, calcium, fiber and antioxidants – $6

Baked Goods – Our Homemade Scones, Muffins & Cookies are Available Daily!

Cafe Lunch

Lunch is served every day until 3 pm
Our sandwiches have been served on locally made bread from Stone House Bread Co. since we opened our cafe doors. We are proud to support local businesses and farmers.

Classic Greek Salad or Wrap – Fresh roasted beets, kalamata olives, feta cheese, onions, cucumber, red pepper, and mixed greens with our homemade Greek dressing – $7.50
Add chicken or tuna – $9

Traverse City Cherry Chicken Salad or Wrap – Grilled chicken breast, dried cherries, walnuts, carrot, onion, blue cheese crumbles, mixed greens, with balsamic vinaigrette –  $9

Chicken Caesar Salad or Wrap – Grilled chicken breast, parmesan cheese, red peppers, and romaine lettuce with a classic Caesar dressing – $8.50

Asian Chicken Salad or Wrap – Grilled chicken breast, onion, red pepper, cucumber, carrot, crunchy chow mein noodles, and mixed greens with our homemade Thai inspired spicy peanut sauce – $9

Tuna Salad Salad or Wrap – Albacore tuna with mayo and dill, topped with sweet onion, red pepper, cucumber and carrot; served on a bed of mixed greens with a side of ranch dressing – $8.50

Ray’s Special Salad or Wrap – Salami, ham, provolone cheese, feta cheese, onion, cucumber, red pepper, oven roasted beets, kalamata olives and mixed greens, served with our homemade Greek dressing – $9

Vegout Salad or Wrap– Hummus, sweet onion, carrot, cucumber, sweet red pepper, sunflower seeds and mixed greens – $7

Joe’s Club Salad or Wrap – Grilled chicken breast, ham, bacon, sweet red pepper, mixed greens and original or pesto ranch dressing – $9

BLT Grilled Panini – Bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo – $7.50

Genovese Grilled Panini – Salami, roasted red pepper, sweet onion, provolone, and Italian herbs – $7.50

CJ’s Tuna Grilled Panini – Albacore tuna with mayo and dill, sweet onion, provolone, lettuce, and tomato – $8.50

Pesto Chicken Grilled Panini – Grilled chicken breast, pesto, cream cheese, and sweet onion – $8

Don Quixote Grilled Panini – Salami, ham, sweet onion, roasted red pepper, olive tapenade, provolone, and Italian herbs – $8

Roma Grilled Panini – Provolone, tomato, sweet onion, Italian herbs, and balsamic vinaigrette – $7.50

3 Cheese Grilled Panini – Colby jack, provolone, cream cheese and pesto – $7.50

Smoked Gouda Grilled Panini – Smoked Gouda, caramelized onion, and thinly sliced apple on Stone House 7 grain – $7.50
Add locally source country smoked ham +$1.50

SOUP – Bowl or Cup – Check our specials board for today’s homemade soup.

SIDES – Crackers – gluten free crackers by Third Coast Bakery $4
Hummus – goes great with Third Coast Bakery crackers, 2 oz. $1
Potato Chips – Great Lakes $1.50 McClure’s Pickle Chips $2.50

Coffee and Tea

Cuppa Joe Cafe in Historic Building 50 and our Fast Drive Thru at the corner of Front and Garfield in Traverse City both feature full espresso bars with traditional coffee beverages made with locally roasted Roaster Jack Coffee Co, locally made Light of Day Organics tea, and our extremely popular homemade chai. In addition we offer many other Michigan made beverage options. Please check our coffee menu boards for all of our current offerings.

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